Tomorrow Brings Hope

a poem by   SHAUN REDFERN

Hear the promise in today
Forgetting yesterday
Death grips us all in the end
Yet hope is the same
It never leaves no matter how much you
Plea, a tiny whisper in a moment of grief
‘You’ll be ok’
A shout in the midst of unbearable pain
‘It will END and YOU’LL change’

A sinking ship is still a vessel with souls
Ready for the fall gasping for air
Under the waves HOPE is never lost
Surviving with fearless intent fighting to the bitter edge, nothing can take away that which it did not give. When the sun sets you’ll start to see, Yesterday can’t steal what tomorrow will bring.

Here the promise once again like a match striking flame, the fire starts to find a place.


© Shaun Redfern, 2018

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